Welcome to my blog!

Since the age of three, one of my favorite pastimes at home is to go into New York and see Broadway shows. I wanted to take my passion for theater and turn it into a blog highlighting the latest in Broadway show news!

Here are some of the websites I will be referring to on my blog:

  1. NYTimes

The New York Times has a theater section in both the daily paper and its online edition. It includes theater critics’ reviews of Broadway shows, interviews with prominent directors and actors and other theater related news. It is constantly being updated, so I will definitely be able to pull from the NYT for my blog.

2. Broadway.com

Broadway.com gives the latest news on Broadway and off Broadway productions. It includes video content from Broadway actors who post backstage vlogs and behind the scenes footage. Other information on the website includes Q&A’s with actors and a “Buzz” section that feature new Broadway shows.

  1. BroadwayWorld

Broadway World is similar to Broadway.com, but it features community content through the “Chat Board” section where users can post news about upcoming shows, reviews, etc. The website has a “Latest News” section that features Broadway show news. It is more of a blog style website, rather than a professional news organization like NYT.

  1. Variety

Variety is a source for all entertainment news, including the latest in film, television, and Broadway. Variety includes both reviews and opinion pieces that I can refer to for my blog. It is not as consistent with Broadway news, but they put out content semi-frequently.

  1. NY Post

The New York Post has an Entertainment section on its website that I can refer to. It includes news about Broadway actors, both onstage and their personal lives, as well as critic reviews. It is a reliable source that specifically focuses on the New York region, which is my blog’s focus.

  1. Hollywood Reporter

Although The Hollywood Reporter mainly focuses on Hollywood, it still frequently reports on Broadway news. It includes Q&A articles with Broadway actors, breaking theater news, and spotlights on new Broadway shows. In January alone, there were over a dozen articles published on Broadway news.

  1. USA Today

On USA Today’s website, both the “Life” and “Entertainment” sections feature Broadway news. Theater news includes upcoming show announcements and Broadway actor news. Although USA Today does not specifically feature entertainment news, they have fairly regular postings about the Broadway community.

  1. Playbill.com

Playbill.com, the company that creates all of Broadway’s playbills, features Broadway and Off-Broadway news. They publish dozens of new stories each day, including photo galleries of new shows, upcoming show news, and actor profiles. It also features video content on rehearsals for current and upcoming shows.

  1. Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has a section on its website devoted to the latest in theater news. Given that it is an entertainment site, it is a reliable source for my blog. Theater news includes stage reviews by EW critics, upcoming show announcements, and Broadway actor news.

  1. NY News Stations (CBS, ABC, NBC)

My last source includes New York news stations, including news organizations like CBS, ABC and NBC. They focus specifically on local New York news, including breaking news in the Broadway community. It includes both text and video content that I can incorporate into my blog.

Twitter List: https://twitter.com/ally_feinsot/lists/broadway-news-soures




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